Chubby Chap!

By Elli-Rose Essentials

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Try the Chubby Chap® today!

The Chubby Chap is a .5 oz lip balm, that's BIG!  It's over three times larger than your average lip balm.  The Chubby Chap will not get lost in your purse or pockets.  Easy to find, easy to apply and easy to love!

Our Chubby Chap® is made with coconut oil, bees wax, honey and fragrance oils.  No petroleum or phthalate in these big boys!  The Chubby Chap® is natural, moisturizing goodness for your lips!

We have a wide variety of flavors, including three with SPF 15 protection.  Make sure to check our site for new or seasonal flavors!  

Click on "Buy Now" below to order your Chubby Chap® today!  While on the site, feel free to browse our other products, including goat milk lotions, soap, body cream and more.

Try one of our Chubby Chaps today!  Only $6 per tube, or four tubes for $20!


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